Unlike standard metronomes which simply state the time, Gap Click helps you improve your sense of time.

Gap Click focuses on improving your ability to keep tempo and become more aware of and comfortable with off beat clicks. Through this, you'll become bullet proof and accurate with all notes of the subdivision.

Syncopated Patterns

Ability to choose from a variety of different syncopated patterns and # of measures for both the standard "click" as well as the "gap"

Nostalgic Click Wheel

Use the nostalgic click wheel to find the right tempo or tap to set your desired tempo

Time Signatures

Standard quarter-note time signatures: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/4


Variety of Click Samples

Find your favorite sound from a variety of click samples hand-picked by Benny

Accent beat 1

Accent beat 1 of each measure or turn accents off

Visual Feedback

See visual feedback for each note that is played, including rests



"GAPCLICK is an innovative and revolutionary new training tool for drummers. No question. Way beyond being just a tempo reference, we can now become interactional and conversational with a click feed! My kind of app! An essential new method for musicians to build greater "inner" independence, the GAPCLICK undoubtedly expands and improves accuracy, creative fluency and confidence in a highly musical and stimulating new way. I am thoroughly impressed by it and really can’t say enough about it. Just GET IT!!!"

Gary Husband


"This is definitely really cool. Playing to a metronome consistently will develop your inner time, but this app helps you lock in the pocket on a whole different level. The interface is smooth & extremely easy to operate. Great job Benny!"

Luke Holland


"Benny's new metronome app is the ideal tool for learning how to master time with ease. The "Gap" feature allows you to develop your own sense of timing and feel between the beats, helping drummers tap in to their own movements and motion that will be evident in their playing whether they are performing with or without a click. The app also gives musicians a chance to create loops that include even and odd timings back to back, so they can develop their ear, and "untie the knots" between listening and staying in motion with the groove. The skills you can sharpen by using this app are integral for what it takes to be a professional drummer in any genre, and it's an app that I'll not only be recommending to all of my students, but I'll be using it myself as part of my own practice routine."

Matt Halpern


"I was introduced to Benny's teaching on gap and off-set click during one of his Mastersession Drum Camps. Since that time I spent hours practicing the hard way with a standard metronome. After using Benny's new Gap Click app I am so happy. The interface is intuitive and it will save me so much time in my continued development. The Gap Click app is something that every drummer should have in their toolbox."

Jared Falk, Drumeo


"GapClick! When I 1st opened the app, it made (simple) sense, without a tutorial. I love B’s approach, this should help us all, get on the right track. Well done my bro!"

Chris Coleman


"This is typical brilliance of Benny Greb...mixing creativity, education and fun! GAPCLICK is a very important tool for all drummers! Anywhere you live and anywhere you go! Have at your fingertip a way to constantly develop the skills we need as drummers! You will see me tapping everything I can globally…thanks!"

Dom Famularo



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